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Health Care Access Services

F&CS operates multiple programs that help clients find affordable healthcare and health insurance including: Get Covered Tennessee, which provides outreach and enrollment assistance for the Affordable Care Act across the state of Tennessee (click here to schedule an appointment); and Health Assist, which provides referrals to low and no-cost, community-based healthcare resources. F&CS also operates a Language Services program that provides interpretive services for medical and social service appointments.

F&CS Healthcare Navigators provide free and unbiased assistance to clients across the state who need affordable health insurance. Navigators assist clients with selecting and applying for an insurance plan through the Marketplace, TennCare, and/or CoverKids.

Health Assist

The Health Assist program provides under and uninsured Tennesseans with information and referral to low and no-cost, community-based health care resources (including medical, dental, vision, prescription, mental health, and other resources). Specialists also screen all callers for eligibility for publicly funded health insurance programs.

Language Services

F&CS provides fee-based, professional interpreter services in nearly 30 languages and dialects for healthcare and social service providers in Middle Tennessee and their patients and clients. Services are offered in person and via videoconference and telephone. Fees are paid to F&CS by the contracting agency and are free to the client.