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Child Welfare and Community Services

F&CS operates Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, which recruits adoptive parents for older children in foster care; the C.A.F.E. program that serves children affected by parental substance use; the Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program, a kinship care program; and Fostering Resilient Communities, which raises awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the negative impacts of trauma. F&CS also operates four Family Resource Centers at local public schools.

Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program (DCRCP)

DCRCP provides emotional and practical supports for children and the non-parental relatives who care for them. These caregivers step in to care for children when their parents cannot due to incarceration, substance abuse, abandonment, abuse, or other issues. The goal of the program is to keep these children with loving family members and out of state custody.

Family Resource Centers (FRCs)

FRCs are public school-based one-stop social service resources for school-aged children and their families. FRCs provide access to food, clothing, transportation, mentoring, academic assistance, health care services —whatever is needed to keep families and children healthy and reaching their full potential. F&CS operates FRCs at four local public schools.

Fostering Resilient Communities

Focusing on North Nashville, home to Family & Children’s Service, the Resilient Communities Task Force raises awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the negative impacts of trauma. The goal is to create a community that provides safe, stable, nurturing environments where children and families can thrive.


Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK)

WWK recruits adoptive parents for older children and youth in foster care that have experienced numerous foster home placements, and those that have endured severe emotional or physical trauma. The WWK recruiter plays an important role in preparing the family and the child for the transition to permanency.

C.A.F.E. (Confronting Adversity for Future Empowerment)

The C.A.F.E. program serves children and youth from birth to age 18 in Davidson County that have been affected by parental substance use. It offers individual and family counseling, case management, and therapeutic and educational activities designed to help build the skills and coping strategies these children need to flourish in the face of adversity.