Programs & Services

Community-Based Services

A program of the United Way, Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are public-school-based one-stop social service resources for school-aged children and their families. FRC staff stand ready to help families deal with everyday issues of life–food, clothing, transportation, child care, academic assistance, health care—whatever is needed to keep children healthy and in school. FCS operates five FRCs at local public schools.

Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program (DCRCP) provides emotional and practical supports for children and the non-parental relatives who care for them. These caregivers have stepped in to care for children when their parents cannot due to incarceration, substance abuse, abandonment, abuse, or a range of other issues. The goal of the program is to keep these children with loving family members and out of state custody. (Please click here for more detailed information on this program)

TRANSform is a statewide initiative to improve the ability of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (DCS) to serve children in the State’s child welfare system by advancing child safety, well-being, adoption, and post-adoption outcomes through system-wide Trauma-Informed practice. FCS is a primary partner.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruits adoptive parents for children in need of a “forever family”, focusing on older youth in foster care that have experienced numerous temporary foster home placements, and those that have endured severe emotional or physical trauma.