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Luminary Award Recipient: Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier

Family & Children’s Service and The Young Leaders’ Council Celebrate Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier as one of the two 2020 Luminary Award Winners

Pictured: Luminary Award Winner Allison Q Plattsmier, Michael McSurdy, FCS President & CEO, Joshua Livingston, YLC Board President; Allison Q Plattsemier

Today we celebrate Allison Plattsmier, a recipient of this year’s Luminary Award for Community Service. This honor is co-sponsored by Family & Children’s Service and the Young Leaders’ Council. This award seeks to reinforce and celebrate the Young Leaders Council’s mission of cultivating service and philanthropy among our community of young professionals.

Allison Plattsmier has more than ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, has worked with more than forty organizations, and helped to raise funds for causes in which she believes. Her work experience includes a role as executive director of Amputee Blade Runners (ABR), associate director of programs and development for the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee (TAMT), community investment manager for NeedLink Nashville, and executive director of the Jordan Thomas Foundation. Plattsmier has a strong passion for serving the Nashville community, with specific areas of interest in public health, equal access to public resources for underprivileged and economically disadvantaged populations, and eradicating food insecurity. Plattsmier is a member of several nonprofit organizations. Plattsmier has a history of becoming a national thought leader for causes she champions, and was invited to the White House for her gun violence prevention advocacy. Plattsmier is a Nashville native, dedicated to becoming a leading force for good in her community.

Family & Children’s Service celebrates Allison’s commitment and joins her in her concern for equity and access to needed supports and services for all our community.

FCS operates four Family Resource Centers in local public schools in partnership with the United Way, meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and toiletries. Staff members refer children and families to needed social services. These programs support family stability and academic success.

FCS' Healthcare Access Program, with its diverse and multi lingual staff, assures that ALL our community members, regardless of culture or linguistics, have access to affordable healthcare and insurance coverage.

The FCS Crisis Line is available to anyone who needs it, 24-hours-a-day by phone or text. Caring, highly trained crisis specialists serve more than 25,000 people in crisis annually. Call 615.244.7444 any time.

Thank you Allison for all you do for our community.

We are grateful to our sponsors for helping make this year's Virtual Biscuit Breakfast a reality: