Project AWARE Robertson County


Bringing Youth Mental Health First Aid to Robertson county and

helping youth ages 12-18 find mental health services so they can have happier, healthier lives.

If you are concerned for any reason about the mental health or well-being of a youth within Robertson County, please call our Robertson County Dedicated Crisis Line at 1-877-652-3069, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Robertson County 2017 Youth Mental Health First Aid Class Schedule

The following classes are open only to those living within Robertson County, or those who serve youth within Robertson County. Additional sessions can be arranged for groups of 10 or more.


May 2018

Tuesday May 15 & Wed May 16 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Highland Crest Campus, 150 Laureate Dr., Springfield 

June 2018

 Wednesday June 13 & Thursday June 14 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at Highland Crest Campus, 150 Laureate Dr., Springfield

July 2018 

Wednesday July 18 & Thursday July 19 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at Highland Crest Campus, 150 Laureate Dr., Springfield

August 2018

Wednesday Aug 1 & Thursday Aug 2 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at Robertson County Schools Central Office 

 Saturday Aug 25 8:30 am - 5:30 pm at UT Extension Office, Springfield

September 2018

Thursday Sept 14 & Friday Sept 15 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at Highland Crest Campus, 150 Laureate Dr., Springfield



For groups of 10 or more, contact Rebecca Macfarlane to arrange a training for your church group, parenting support group, volunteer group, or any other group of caring adults working with young people. We will be happy to come train you at a time and place convenient to you!


NOTE: More dates for 2018 will be included here later.

For more information on Project AWARE RobCo, please contact Rebecca MacFarlane, Project Coordinator. (Email: or by phone 615-212-9480)


What is Project AWARE RobCo?

AWARE stands for Advancing Wellness And Resiliency in Education. The overall goal of the project is to increase awareness of mental health issues and connect youth ages 12-18 in Robertson County to needed mental health services.

We are working to arm ordinary Robertson County workers and citizens with skills and knowledge that will help connect youth ages 12-18 to mental health resources, and help decrease the impact mental health issues have on their lives and on our community. We know this work is needed and we know it will make a difference and save lives! We also know that youth reach out to all kinds of people in their lives. We all have a responsibility to be prepared to help the youth in our community deal with their mental health and well-being.

Project AWARE is a 3-year project funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and is the part of the government’s “Now is the Time” Plan – a response to the tragic 2013 Newtown, CT school shooting and a nation-wide effort to address the growing concern of gun violence in our country. (You can read more about this plan here.) The project is solely focused on serving Robertson County.

Between Jan 2016 and Sept 2018, we’ll be training over  500 Robertson County community members, teachers, youth workers, and parents in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

What is Youth Mental Health First Aid?


Youth Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour, evidence-based training that was developed in Australia and brought to the US in 2008. It is now being used all over the world to help caring adults who interact regularly with youth to be able to identify and then help get help to youth experiencing a mental health crisis. Across Tennessee, there are nearly 3,000 Mental Health First Aiders already trained.

Just as someone trained in traditional First Aid, you do not need to be a clinician to help a youth get help! You just need to know how to identify if a youth is in crisis, know how to respond sensitively and helpfully them in the moment, and then how to connect them with mental health resources and first responders, if necessary.

Youth Mental Health First Aid gives you the skills and knowledge to do this.

It is designed to teach participants a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD), and eating disorders. At the end of the course, participants will be certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

You can learn more about the Youth Mental Health First Aid course here.



The class is FUN, interactive, informative, and full of very practical, easy-to-understand information that can be implemented as soon as you leave the classroom! Below are some photos of past classes we’ve held in Robertson County. You may recognize some familiar faces!

How can I sign up for Youth Mental Health First Aid Training?

Youth Mental Health First-Aid classes will be provided to anyone who lives or works in Robertson County who has regular contact with youth ages 12-18. Classes will be offered free of charge to any youth-serving adult in the Robertson County community. This includes parents, caregivers, teachers, school staff, neighbors, faith-based groups, health and human services professionals, community volunteers, and other caring citizens. Open enrollment classes are offered each month, through Sept 2018.

This free training will be offered throughout Robertson County over the next three years, approximately twice per month. Special training sessions for particular groups of 10 or more (such as schools, churches, or youth-serving agencies) can be arranged in addition to the open enrollment classes. Contact Rebecca Macfarlane for more information on special group sessions.

All materials, including refreshments, will be provided free of charge. Lunch will be provided for any all-day session.

The schedule of monthly training sessions currently scheduled is listed above. To sign up for any of these sessions, please click on the date you wish to attend below, or contact Rebecca Macfarlane to request a registration form by email or hard copy. More dates are coming! We will post dates for more classes each month.

Please also follow us on Facebook (AWARE Robertson County) and Twitter (@AwareRobCo) for information on Project Aware training sessions, activities, presentations and youth mental health topics that affect the Robertson County community.



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